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Legends Inspire Greatness

What do you think of when you hear the word "legend?" Is it someone who made a career out of riding horses? Or maybe it's someone who has achieved greatness in their community?

We believe it's both. And we want to inspire greatness in everyone, everywhere, both on the track and at home. That's why "CSI La Silla" exists - Our goal is to help build a better world by educating the community and future generations through our sport.

Inspired by equestrian athletes and all the legends who are achieving greatness by stepping up to make a positive impact in their communities, our "Legends Inspire Greatness" campaign shows that greatness exists in all of us, but we must first choose to be great. The centerpiece of this campaign is communicated through a video in which we see the story of three equestrian legends coming together to create something greater than themselves: an inspirational message for the entire audience.


Being a legend is not just about how hard you ride on the field, but about inspiring greatness in others and join forces to create something extraordinary.

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