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CSI La Silla Celebrates Equestrian Sport and its Legends

Everybody always says: "follow your dreams!" But not everyone does. Find passion in those who have dedicated their lives to a greater cause.

La Silla prides itself on powering elite athletes and knows what it takes to become a Legend.  

Let's be Legends

CSI La Silla launches a campaign that celebrates the achievements, effort and dedication of each equestrian athlete.


The "Let's be Legends" campaign seeks to convey a powerful message to inspire people to take the leap, live and enjoy life doing what makes them passionate and memorable.


The centerpiece of the campaign is a movie titled "Let's be Legends" that premiered on social media and digital channels on September 23rd. The campaign was unveiled with the hashtag #LetsbeLegends, to start the conversation about what makes a legendary athlete.  

The iconic La Silla Equestrian Club will be the meeting point for all those who want to be a legend, where hundreds of riders and horses will compete for new victories.

Be part of this historic moment and enjoy jumps that will make you fly.

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